What is in the Box?
A unique new promotional tool for you.
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Build Progressives Fast
Draw customers back to your location to collect rent
Customers are Owners
Customizable Configurations
Run multiple progressives at the same time

Tab Box Promotion

Use a Bingo-opoly board contest to promote sales of your pull tabs by giving your players a chance at the Bingo-opoly board each time someone hits a top.

Bingo Game Promotion

Promote a Bingo-opoly board contest on one or more of your pack games or specials. Allow the winner of each of the promoted games to take a chance at the board.

Raffle and Bingo Game

Increasing Chance Progressive: Variable commitments, fixed guess boards incrementing with each chance, sell raffle tickets for each chance.

Open Boards

Open boards for specific days, different tab boxes, multiple bingo games, for whatever you want to promote! You can run a promotion on just about anything while driving customers back to your hall and encouraging repeat attendance even on slower days. Experiment and keep the excitement going because it will only help your returning players want to know if they won rent while they were away!

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